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Platform:  Windows

Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Multiplayer:  Yes

Publisher:  Ubisoft Entertainment

PC System Requirements
  • OS : Windows® XP SP3 / Windows Vista® SP2 / Windows® 7 SP1 / Windows® 8

  • CPU: Intel Pentium IV 3.00 Ghz / AMD Athlon64 3000+ @ 1.8 Ghz

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Video Card: 256 MB NVidia GeForce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD4300 (Laptop: AMD Radeon Mobility HD4500) / Intel HD3000

What is a Freemium Starter Pack?

What is a Freemium starter pack?
Freemium starter packs give you access to a selection of the best “Free to Play” Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
When you buy a Freemium Pack, apart from the game itself, you will receive a selection of awesome extra content as well!

Attacker Pack: The Runaway - Includes 1050 Blings
The perfect complement to any attack-minded individual, the Attacker Pack contains a host of useful boosts and bonuses for an intrepid attacker, not to mention early access to an all-new hero, The Runaway.

- Early access to The Runaway + Exclusive Skin and FX
- 1 XP Boost - Provides a temporary boost to your XP collection.
- 1 Gold Boost - Provides a temporary boost to your gold collection.
- 5 Magic Find Boosts - Doubles your chances of looting higher quality items.

Left-over items will be placed in the Buy Back section of their respective machineries.

Description & Game Features

The Mighty Quest of Epic Loot is a brand new Free-to-Play IP from Ubisoft Montreal for the PC that thrusts you in an outrageous medieval fantasy world called Opulencia where wealth, status and showboating are the name of the game!

As a newcomer to Opulencia, you will get to know your greedy neighbors quickly as they will like nothing more than take all that you have.Everyone’s out to have the nicest castle…at any cost, so you’ll quickly learn the ropes on what it takes to be the richest and most envied hero of the land!

Key Features
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a PC game that is free to play.Visit www.the to register to the Open Beta, it’s free and easy to do.
Castle Looting:
Prepare your hero for battle and charge into one of many player-created castles to test your skills and might!Oh yeah, and don’t forget all the loot and gold waiting for you in the treasure room at the end of the castle.
Castle Defense:
Protect your treasure from the greedy hands of your neighbors.You and your friends can build custom castles with majestic rooms and fill them with deadly monsters like fire-breathing dragons, nose-picking Cyclopes, swarming vampires and more.Then, surprise your foes by boosting your castle’s defenses with fearsome fire cannons, spike traps and other surprises. The more enemies perish in your castle, the higher the reward.
Variety of Heroes:
The outlandish world of Opulencia has an eccentric cast of characters; There is the knight, Sir Painhammer, a good-natured tough guy. The Blackeye Bowgart, an archer with a chip on his shoulder. The Earl of Evilosity, a powerful mage who controls elemental forces. Finally, The Runaway, a rocker girl with a devastating axe. More will be available in the future.
Character Customization:
Plain armor is out this season, shiny metal is in.Use your well-earned loot or your piles of gold in the shop to customize and level up your heroes in style.
Think you are the baddest of the bad in all of Opulencia? Prove it by creating different challenges for your foes and compare yourself on the leaderboards.
Intense Action:
Play on your own schedule. Short sessions means you can play when you want to.It also doesn’t hurt to have others playing at the same time, but you don’t need them playing simultaneously to experience looting at its best.

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